Velvet Brown is excited to launch its first products in the Summer of 2019.

VB is dedicated to the refinement of equestrianism. We swoon over the traditional attire worn for generations and you can expect that admiration in all of our products. What you'll find with VB is that the clothes are of the highest quality. Much dedication has gone towards sourcing the perfect fabrics to support the wearer. In riding we already have a lot to focus on.

Let us take care of how you look.

Throughout the last two years we've tirelessly tested our first products so that when you put them on for the first time you'll be wanting more. Our 'Miles Breeches' are designed to be worn all day long at the barn, and then to coffee with your mum, and grocery shopping for that 9PM dinner. The best part about breeches is the feeling that you can wear them all day long.

Memories of whole Saturdays in my youth in my riding pants is the soul of VB.

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