From the Creative Director --

"For twenty years I’ve divided my time between the barn, and everywhere else life needs me to be. Velvet Brown is a translation of those years. It’s the pursuit of everything I love in life, meeting all in place. This project is the intersection of my passion for the classic simplicity of equestrianism, and the vast world of getting dressed. When I execute a day in one of my favourite outfits, things that feel impossible become doable; it brings a sense of power to the small tasks in life. I want to incorporate this energy into Velvet Brown so it translates into the lives of our customers, and brings them the sense of power through dress. Functionality sometimes negates from style, and this is what I want to change. If we can surround ourselves with objects that bring us joy, but also serve their purpose, I think we can invite more clarity into the things we love, the purpose for the day. If every time I get on a horse I can have a clear mind, I know I would be doing that horse a lot of favours. If that clarity follows me around the rest of the day, the availability of that openness can invite even more. In riding it is paramount we be open to new things, Velvet Brown is here to take up space in that openness; with ideas that are more than just a means to an end, with clothes that are more than in between you and the world. " - SJC


The Clothing --

Focusing on the foundations of equestrian related apparel with its timeless and subtle attitude we were enticed to combine this with the unique and playful aspects of riding horses. Anchoring our principals on high quality fabrics, subtle details, and impeccable fit -- VB has a timeless perspective. Simple shapes to support you; the uncompromising quality of well made, thoughtful items.

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